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33.60 EUR 23.70 EUR
The fourth Summer Poppers Pack gets you four of our greatest and strongest poppers from our shop at a very low price. At the price of three, you will receive four poppers for great relaxation this summer during your exciting gooning sessions.

The classic Rush is the most-sold poppers in the world and there's no wonder: it's the greatest poppers ever with an incredible isopropyl formula that will make your orgasms last longer and be more intense! Jungle Juice Ultra Strong is an improvement of the Jungle Juice formula for great sensations! Reds is our own creation for greater orgasms and strong sensations full of lust and desire.

When you order our Summer Pack 4, you'll also receive for free our best-seller the Radikal Rush Poppers with its incredible formula made of super strong isopentyl nitrite for a rush of lust and an ocean of relaxation during your gooning sessions.

1 x REDS, 10 ml
1 x RUSH POPPERS, 10 ml
FREE 1 x RADIKAL RUSH small, 10 ml

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